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My art is driven by discovering the objects and materials that each piece of art is built around. These natural and found objects are deemed broken, discarded, or useless and I attempt to give them new life within my art. With these materials I create a new allegory that is both visual and metaphorical.

Visually, my work is texturally rich and sculptural. I allow the found materials to inhabit the panels, grow through them, and coalesce with the paint and textures. The work creates tension by its resistance to actually move off the wall into a fully sculptural state.

On another level, my work is a metaphor for recreating oneself, new beginnings and hope. There is always a new existence, season or essence that is possible. I present an allegory of this new existence that discusses the movement, relationships and tensions that have developed between the natural and man-made materials.

My work is influenced in part by the Synthetic Cubism movement, Earthworks art, and Picasso’s Assemblage works.