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My name is Dara Chappie, and I have been pursuing an art career since 2007. I have a BA in Professional Communications from Alverno College and a BFA from UW Milwaukee in Painting & Drawing and Metalsmithing. I live with my husband and  daughter who is also an aspiring artist.

I think making art is possibly an excuse I use, to dig in the dirt collecting stones, pine needles, parts of truck tires, broken glass and just generally getting dirty. I think being a visual artist has more to do with how I look at the world, and discovering what I find that is both exceptional and disturbing, and inviting those who are open, to have a look into my visual narrative.

When I’m not making art, I’m digging in my garden, traveling with my family, or reading a good book.  I consider it my personal calling to find the perfect Pinot Noir, turtle sundae, and sandy beach in the Caribbean.

I dedicate my art to my husband, who constantly encourages me “to follow my bliss.”